Our Process

As much as we love to create - we love to plan. Planning is key to any great project. Years of practice, trial and error, borrowed theories, and moments of inspiration have given us the foresight to map out each project before we dive in and start making stuff. When you visit the office - you will see our love for dry-erase, chalkboards, heavy weight spirals notebooks and uni-ball vision colored pens. We also love to doodle on napkins and random objects that we find at restaurants and local cantinas around the city. Lets collaborate together on your next great project!


Creative Intent & Design Philosophy

Web design is a balanced art form. A truly good web designer should employ equal parts left brain and right brain design techniques, by this we mean that design for the web should be conceived from strict rules that would apply to HTML and yet also explore and embellish on branding and unique creative style. As you can see from our diagram titled "Our Process," we believe planning is the key to a great project, wherein we work through 3 stages of website information architecture before we ever begin the graphical phase of our website design.

Part of our design process is to begin with inspiration. We like to ask key members from your team to recommend websites that they find either engaging or aesthetically similar to your ultimate project goal. At the same time we gather ideas from our own personal portfolio or from sources around the World Wide Web and share them with your team. We like to take advantage of our online project collaboration tool, dry erase, chalkboards, spiral notebooks and in-person meetings to effectively communicate what we like and don’t like about the project’s design.

Looking for Design Mockups?

We are normally not ones to design a site before meeting with people and getting to really know their brand perspective as we have found that spec work often leads to abandoned art, wasted time and no payment for services rendered.

It is our hope that our portfolio speaks for itself, but it often times comes up that potential clients are looking for design mockups. We usually request that they purchase a set amount of custom design time. We usually start with 4 hours of design time (we often put in way more time than that to get across our concepts, but we abide by the billable hours - thats between you and me). With the 4 hours, we will create a look and feel for your project (usually a home page for website projects). You would own the artwork outright - meaning you can do whatever you wanted to with the art even use it to show other candidates what you liked and didn't like. If our design leads to a full contractual project acquisition, then we will absorb the cost of the initial mock up into the total project scope. This process also allows you as the project manager to gain a low entry cost into seeing various design ideas before committing to a full design/development contract.

So what do you think? Ready to buy some ART? Give us a call: 503-766-3590

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