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Bringing back the A-Team - working with co-sign was like a family reunion from the Def Jux days. Jessica approached us to help with her company website and bring it up to pace with her media centric world of music promotion. Bisco Smith once again held the reins as art director and we devoured the data forging a new ground for Co-Sign to market their artists, showcase their talent and for their customer base to explore the coolest shit on hitting airwaves and ipods everywhere.
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Poor Boyz Productions

We first hooked up with the Poor Boyz back in 2005. Its always a testament of good work when we can do it all over again this time with a whole new bag of tricks. We completely rebuilt their e-commece and main website and put a much stronger emphasis on Banner Advertising and rich Media.
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Neff Inc.

So let's just start off with the obvious... Neff kills it. They have dope style and the brand recognition is undoubtedly unique. We have the good fortune to be a part of this. We leveraged Drupal to produce a media rich web experience spraweld with athletes and pop culture icons like Louie Vito and Snoop Dogg/Lion.
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Kill Rock Stars

Kill Rock Stars is an indie record label which has been putting out amazing records since we were in high school. Do you remember Mary Lou Lord? Did you cry to Elliot Smith's soundtrack to "Goodwill Hunting"? Did you cheer for The Decemberists at last year's Edgfield Concert Series? We did. Being a fan is one thing, being their digital marketing partner brings it to a whole new level of fandom. Seriously - check out their new website. Press Discovery. - Enjoy
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Kim Gonzales Design

Kim is not only family, but she is an amazing Interior Designer. Uprooting from San Diego, she brought with her an incredible portfolio, a keen eye for design aesthetics and a new level of professionalism to the Portland interior design scene. Check out her new website and follow her on Pinterest for some great inspiration!
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UEi Test Instruments

UEi was in development of a new branding. Instead of harsh colors and metal textures, they went for a more clean and vibrant color palette along with a newly updated logo. They brought us in to bring that idea to the web and create an experience that was both engaging and informative.
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Internet Presence Management

Full service Internet Presence Management company based in Portland Oregon specializing in graphic design, offline printing, web design, website development, ecommerce, SEO & search engine marketing.

Company Brands

  • Pairodime Design
  • Sole Position
  • Omnibox Hosting